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Fun Indoor Things to do while visiting Hazelwood Lodge


1. Yoga and Massage at The Burren Wellness Centre

Located just a few minutes’ drive from Hazelwood Lodge is The Burren Wellness Centre, run by Helga and her husband Jerry. With over 20 years’ experience in massage and Yoga, The Burren Wellness Centre focuses on health, personal growth and transformation.
Designed to create a sense of wellness and relaxation as soon as you step through the doors, the treatment table has a heated under blanket so that your body is completely at ease while you receive your tailor made treatment.
The Yoga/Pilates room is spacious and airy and, like the treatment room, has underfloor heating.
For more information about booking a relaxing yoga class or treating yourself to an amazing world class massage during your stay at Hazelwood Lodge, please contact Helga or Jerry on 065-7074125.

2. Seaweed Treatment

Located only a 10 minute drive from Hazelwood Lodge, Liz Murphy will give you a special seaweed body treatment like no other!
Harvested on the West coast of Ireland, the fresh seaweed is formed to a smooth paste for luxurious pampering. This treatment is delivered under the professional care of trained staff in the bright, warm environment of our be-spoke treatment rooms. The environment is ideally suited for relaxation and complements holistic treatments.

A supple application of this 100% natural product will unlock the goodness of the sea releasing a wealth of minerals to soothe aches and banish cares. One of nature’s purifiers, seaweed exfoliates and draws out impurities from the skin. Removing dead cells it cleanses and refreshes, enhancing cellular renewal. This toning effect also boots circulation. Seaweed cells reflect the content of human plasma and as such balances cellular energy. Rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals these marine nutrients nurture the body as it is enveloped in this uniquely soothing formula. The goodness infuses to create a radiant glow and transform the body to an oasis of calm. A sense of tranquillity mingled with the benefit of being personally cared for, soothes the soul. In summary, the seaweed wrap buffs, rejuvenates, hydrates, nourishes and harmonizes the body.
To book a seaweed treatment during your stay at Hazelwood Lodge contact Liz Murphy The Courtyard Lower Main Street Kinvara, Co Galway call 091 444123 or 087 9398100 or visit www.seaweedtreatment.com

3. Newtown Castle

Located a short stroll from Hazelwood Lodge you will find the interesting and historic Newtown Castle. Built in the 14th century, the castle is located on the campus of the Burren College of Art and is a restored tower house (Round Tower). There are plenty of interpretive signs all through the castle that explain what you are seeing. The tower has been renovated and makes a lovely focal-point on the College of Art campus. For those with a head for heights, you can ascend the spiral stair to a beautiful gallery room on the 4th floor. The steps are worn but the climb is worth it. The first two floors are still in their raw condition while the third floor has been renovated and has a history of the castle posted around the room. The stairs go up to the roof and you can get a lovely view of the college and surrounding area.
Well worth the visit.

4. Burren Art College Gallery

Only a view minutes’ walk from Hazelwood Lodge is the Burren College of Art. Established in January 2005 as a learning resource for the graduate and undergraduate programmes of the Burren College of Art and as a high quality public gallery, The Gallery was designed by architect John O'Reilly as part of a new complex that includes the MFA studios. This bright, airy and spacious gallery of 25ft x 50ft with a 14ft x 20ft project room is capable of showing large scale wall and floor mounted work, performance, installations and video. The adjacent MFA studios are fitted with moveable walls which can be rolled back to provide additional gallery space, resulting in a total gallery capacity of 6500 square feet. Configured in this way the gallery is one of the largest art galleries in Ireland outside Dublin. What better way to spend a rainy afternoon than wandering around this lovely gallery!
Gallery Hours:

5. The Burren Perfumery

Located a scenic 25 minute drive from Hazelwood Lodge is The Burren Perfumery. Founded 40 years ago this quaint facility makes natural and organic cosmetics by hand. In the West of Ireland there is a unique limestone upland of outstanding floral diversity. In this region where 70% of Ireland's wildflower species can be found. Visitors are always welcome to the Perfumery, where you can watch the free audio-visual presentation on how the perfumes are made, then enjoy wandering through the garden, chatting with the staff in their workshops or browsing in the shop. In the summer the organic Tea Rooms make delicious lunches and cakes. Finish off your visit by taking home some handmade creams, balms or perfumes from this unique part of Ireland!

6. Traditional Irish Pubs

You can’t leave the West of Ireland without experiencing our famous Craic agus Ceol (Fun and Music in English).
Please click here for Hazelwood Lodge’s recommendations of the best pubs to visit while staying with us

7. Fine Irish Cuisine

Visit some of the many lovely restaurants where you can sample amazing local cuisines and fine wines, the best Guinness and Irish Whiskey.

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